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The Finance Professor's Students
The Finance Professor's Students
Rome was not built in a day.
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# Symbol Name Price Target Comments
Anheuser-Busch Cos Inc 70.00 Anheuser met market expectations of $1.05 per share when releasing earnings. InBev takeover deal is still expected to go through and the Belgium beverage giant is consistently saying the deal is on track to close at the end of the year. Takeover bid is for $70 per share. Price is hovering around $64 currently, but has dropped as low as $58.5 in the past two weeks. There was growth within the sector in terms of sales. Plus with this economy don't you just want a nice cheap budweiser?
CBS Corp 17.00 Trading at a tiny 5.03 P/E. Unfairly hit by margin calls and unloading hedge funds. Strong Foundations, consistent earnings
3 Dollar Tree Inc 45.00 With low consumer spending, this is the one place that everyone can still afford to buy products. I think people will begin to buy other items besides toiletries. I think we will also see an increase in purchases such as vitamins and other discount drugs. The variety discounters are the only companies that seem to be thriving in the retail sector.
GameStop Corp 42.50 I feel that GameStop is one of the few retailers that will a have a successful quarter and are a good buy now. They continued to grow last quarter despite the economic situation will bounce back with the market from its recent lows.
Honda Motor 29.00 Although US SAAR data is pathetic, HMC is leveraged against this due to their ULEV and high MPG offerings. Brand recognition as cheap, reliable automobiles aids in tough times. Honda Civic has been seeing record sales since July's Crude Oil peak. Best pick to weather out automaker crisis.
Nokia 25.00 I have been following this stock for several months. Nokia (NOK) is a leading European communications corporation (Finland) and is focused on wireless and wired telecommunications. It has global annual revenue of 51.1 billion Euros and operating profit of 8.0 billion as of 2007. Like many businesses, Nokia is feeling the economic downturn, but it remains the world's largest manufacturer of mobile telephones: its global device market share was about 38% in Q3 of 2008, down from 39% in Q3 2007 and down from 40%. It is the most popular cell phone brand in Europe. If you live in Europe – you own Nokia cell phone.
7 Pacer International Inc 12.85 Pacer recently reported a strong increase in earnings of $66.9 million as the first phase of their SAP software project was installed. The project will integrate the IT systems of the entire company and help them realize internal synergies. As well, the company recently made the decision to integrate the business under a unified brand and customer approach. The lowering of gas prices combined with the SAP system should help the company realize greater synergies and grow their revenue further.
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