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# Symbol Name Price Target Comments
Citigroup Inc 30.00 One of the worlds largest banks is too cheap and has great fundamentals
EMC Corp/Massachusetts 19.00 Largest shareholder of VMWare (VMW); Demand for VMW products will increase with a downturn in corporate IT spending; VMW is the best at virtualization (the rest, like Oracle, are rushing produtcts to market, IT managers are always weary of rushed products)
Merck & Co Inc 50.00 Last time MRK had a similar share drop like two weeks ago Vioxx was the culprit. MRK recovered nicely from Vioxx over the past two years (25 in Oct. 05 to 60 in Dec 07). I can see the same trend repeating itself over the long-term.
PMI Group Inc/The 15.00 Largest mortgage insurer has been beaten into submission, but like Rocky, it will get right back up and reclaim its title in one year. Great thing about insurers, they have a millon ways out of paying claims, the biggest one for PMI is "fraud in the mortgage application" which all of these subprime loans have. Bought only $250 worth as a speculative play
Visa 100.00 Fee based business (no consumer credit card debt); More credit card transactions with increase in e-commerce and slowing economy; Major risks come from litigation and legislation
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    EMC gets slammed by VMW
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    RBC Capital Adjusts EMC to $19
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    PMI and MTG in the House of Pain
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    Mark Watts   has joined The Stock Dude
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